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Tata Steel is committed to the partnership with the government of Odisha for setting up of a 6 million tonne per annum integrated steel plant at Kalinganagar Industrial Complex at Duburi, district of Jajpur. The Steel Works will be established in two modules of 3 million tonnes of steel each and when completed, will have a capacity of 6 million tonnes of steel per annum.


The Commitment of Tata Steel for improving the quality of life of the rehabilitated families at Kalinganagar has led to the creation of the ‘Tata Steel Parivar’ concept, which gives a commitment of a ‘new life with new hope’.


The Tata Steel Parivar initiative in Kalinganagar has achieved MILLENIUM DEVLOPMENT GOALS with following initiatives-

  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved income generation
  • Health for all
  • Basic and Higher Education / Technical Education
  • Strengthening the cultural fibre of the Community



» Project Kalinganagar


Tata Steel signed a MoU with the Government of Odisha to set up a 6 MTPA Integrated Steel Plant in the Kalinganagar Industrial Complex at Jajpur in 2004. A total of 993 families out of the 1234 to be displaced have voluntarily relocated. The Company has set up three rehabilitation and resettlement colonies as well as five transit camps at Kalinganagar to ensure that relocated families do not face any inconvenience whatsoever.



Social Initiatives at Kalinganagar



Employment Generation


The Kalinganagar project will generate direct and indirect employment opportunities for an estimated 20,000 people and the Company is conducting skill development training programmes in the region to facilitate self-sufficiency among people. A large number from the young population has already been engaged in befitting jobs with Tata Steel’s construction partners. 


Specialized trainings were provided through three different training centres at Duburi, Baragadia and Danagadai. As on November 2012, 498 young men were trained in various disciplines.



Promotion of Navjeevan Co-operative at Kalinganagar

Navjeevan Co-operative Limited (NCL) formed by members of displaced families of Kalinganagar project of Tata Steel and promoted by Tata Steel, have now found buyers outside Odisha.






  • TSRDS provides General Medical Services through its clinics to the affected families at the three permanent resettlements (Trijanga, Sansailo, Maniapatla), three temporary resettlement areas (Dangadi-1, Dangadi-2 and Gobarghati) and to the nine peripheral villages at Kalinganagar through the mobile medical units.

  • Sanjeevani Health Camps were organised where doctors from Hi Tech Medical College, BBSR treated patients with general and specific ailments. The patients were also provided with free medicines.

  • School health check-up Camps were held at the tribal residential schools.

  • Lifeline Express initiative: Tata Steel has hosted the Lifeline Express- the Hospital on Wheels, six times in Odisha -- and twice in Jajpur district. The initiative aims at providing free surgical interventions in areas of post-polio deformities, hearing disorders, dental and eye problems of the people. Tata Steel has hosted Lifeline Express in five locations in Odisha, namely Gopalpur, Daitari, Jajpur Road, Meramundali and Joda.



Drinking water


Drinking water being a major concern and a basic necessity tube-wells were installed to address the drinking water issue.


For more information on rehabilitation and resettlement initiatives in Kalinganagar, please click here:


Sports Initiatives



Sports Feeder Centre:


Tata Steel’s Sports Feeder Centre in Kalinganagar, set up in 2008, aim to harness and train young sports talents. It provides basic training in football and archery to young talents of the state in a phased manner. In order to identify the talents for centre, the talent hunts are carried out in Bhubaneswar, Duburi, Sukinda, Bamnipal, Joda and other parts of the State.


Inter-Feeder centre tournaments are conducted to identify the most potential candidates who are then selected for specialised training in Tata Steel’s Sports Academies. Athletes from the feeder centre represent their state as well as their nation in various sports tournaments both national and international.



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