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Tata Steel in Odisha


The saga of twin development for Tata Steel and Odisha started more than a century ago with the Company setting up Asia’s first integrated steel plant in undivided Odisha-Bengal-Bihar in 1907. The amazing coastal state has, since then, found in Tata Steel a dependable and loyal partner in its unfolding chronicle of progress and the story of the Corporate’s involvement in the development and progress of the State continues gloriously into the future.



Today, with its wealth of natural resources, Odisha is the focal point of development for many industries. Tata Steel’s involvement in the overall development of Odisha takes everything within its fold and the Company is committed to establish the State as one of the most advanced in the country.


Some of the major pioneering activities of Tata Steel in the state include the discovery of iron ore (1904) and chromite ore (1949) and initiating related industries like the Ferro Alloy Plant at Joda and Banmipal, Tata Refractories at Belpahar and Chrome Ore Beneficiation Plant with the mines at Sukinda. In fact, the first Iron ore lease of Tata Steel was given by His Excellency - The Maharaja of Mayurbhanj, Sriramchandra Bhanjadeo after the legendary geologist P.N. Bose discovered it in the first decade of the 20th century. The State of Mayurbhanj, having rich Iron ore deposits was linked with a railway line to Tatanagar.


Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. introduced the first indigenous sponge iron technology in the tribal district of Keonjhar. Tata Steel has through years of support helped in redrafting the story of development in Odisha in a positive and decided manner. In addition, the Company’s strong focus on improving the life of the people has integrated the present and future of the people of Odisha in its comprehensive social sustainability initiatives.


Along with the existing operations, a new Steel Works at Kalinganagar Industrial Complex in Duburi, Jajpur is among Tata Steel’s most promising projects in the State. Among developments along the coastline, Tata Steel in association with Larsen and Toubro has constructed a deep-sea port at Dhamra.


Major projects of Tata Group Companies other than Tata Steel are also going on in full swing in Odisha. Gopalpur is on the path of becoming a prospective hub of economic and industrial activity through Tata Group’s endeavours in association with the Government of the State. Tata Teleservices has consolidated its presence in the Power and Telecom sector in the State while there is a continued emphasis on infrastructure strengthening for the development of tourism exemplified by ‘Ginger’ hotel, set up by Roots Corporation at Bhubaneshwar. Also, a Global Software Development Centre has been instituted by Tata Consultancy Services marking a significant foray into the IT industry. Companies like Tata AIG, Tata Sky, Rallies India and Tata Motors also have a significant presence in the State.  


Tata Steel works with the Government of Odisha and other agencies and organisations for the welfare of the people in the State and for its self-sufficiency as far as possible. It has always believed that social upliftment is intrinsically associated with industrial and economic development and therefore ensures that the benefits of industrial enterprise should reach every member of society. The emphasis is on all-round growth including income generation, education, healthcare, water, electricity and other basic services.


Odisha has come a long way in the direction of achieving sustainable prosperity in the face of natural calamities and tough economic challenges. Industrialisation has definitely been one of the vehicles of change but more important triggers have been found in the way people have re-assessed their approach to success. Tata Steel, through consistent positive endeavours has accompanied the State in its journey of progress from the beginning of a new history of opulence. The shared dream continues to be met steadily as Tata Steel extends the levers for every leap that Odisha prepares to take.